Nomnom me

The intrepid Sheena of Nerdmag fame has questioned the dedication of bloggers to all things self promoting and self serving.

She may be right, there are very few bloggers (at least that I know) that have put themselves out there.

So I take up the challenge and will promote myself shamelessly!

Please go here and submit your nomnom by adding my name (Gina Jacobson or @sproutsmom) and telling everyone why you want to nomnom me.

If it will take some bribery to get you to nomnom me then just tell me what it will take in the comments below!

3 Replies to “Nomnom me”

  1. YAY! Finally, someone with no scrupels :p

    I can’t understand that for nearly 200 nomnom’s received so far, only about 15% are from the SA Blog world. It’s just weird, man.

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