I won!

A few days ago, while playing Scrabble on Facebook, I noticed an ad for Wicount Joburg in the righthand panel.  At the bottom of the ad it said that Syllable was a fan of the page.  So, I clicked through and saw that the page was running a competition to win a nights stay at the Westcliff Hotel on Valentines weekend.

I thought what the heck and became a fan of the page and entered the sweepstakes.

Yesterday as I was ready to head out the office for lunch I got a call from Paul saying that he had a call from one of the guys at Wicount to say that I had won and that they were waiting for me to respond to the email they had sent!

Holy crud buckets! I won!!

What makes the prize even more special is that not only is it for the day before Valentines day but Friday is our 4 year anniversary!

What a way to spend it!!

Thanks again guys for the amazing prize!

*Image Credit: Wicount Joburg

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