The average bra size today is 36C. Ten years ago it was 34B and other random facts.

I found this on Laura’s blog

  • My favorite time of day is …when I get into bed in the dark and the quiet.
  • Leftovers are …..the best!
  • I know people who are ……amazing.
  • I know other people who are …. drive me insane.
  • My favorite sandwich is … sandwich (with macon NOT bacon).
  • People say I ….  am loyal.
  • I am …. waiting patiently.
  • Personality traits I cannot stand …. dishonesty, disloyalty, cheats.
  • When I’m upset, I can’t …… stop eating.
  • When I’m happy, I …..sing.
  • If I could be any movie star I would be ….. Harrison Ford.
  • I refuse to read …… political nonsense.
  • I always try to …… be helpful.
  • Cocktail of choice is ….. not really a cocktails person, I prefer scotch.
  • I wish I didn’t look like …. I was so much younger than I really am.
  • I think it is fun to ….. jump on the bed with Aaron.
  • When someone pushes me too far, I ….. cry, great big sobbing tears.
  • I’m really bad about ….. remembering important dates.
  • My least favorite word is …… No!
  • I’ve made really good choices when it comes to …. the man I chose to spend my life with.
  • I have not made very good choices when it comes to …… jobs I’ve had in the past.
  • It makes me happy to hear …… Aaron being happy.
  • I believe that prayer is ….. not for everyone.
  • The most important word in my world is ….. love.
  • If I were a better person, I would always be …. less selfish.
  • I hope I never lose my …..  integrity.
  • If I were a cake, I would be ….. Red Velvet, sweet on the outside, wicked inside 🙂
  • The nicest celebrity I’ve met to date is ….. Sass.

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