A rather irritating symptom

Common symptoms of PCOS include:

  1. Irregular, few or absent menstrual periods
  2. Infertility resulting from a lack of ovulation
  3. Hirsutism
  4. Hyperandrogenism resulting in excessive acne and caused by excessive production and/or secretion of androgens

I suffer from all the above in varying degrees.

1. Thank Gd for Clomid as that keeps my periods fairly regular.  2. Infertility, DUH! 3. I am not too hairy but I definitely have a few stray hairs that shouldn’t be growing where they are growing, lots of tweezing and waxing ensues.  But its 4. that I have a major problem with at the moment.

I have always suffered from spots, I cant say acne, as to me acne is constant and many pimple all over the face.  I do not get acne as such, what I get are 2 or 3 pimples on my face, usually around my nostrils and on my chin.  They start off mild, blind pimples and a lot of the time the go away but when they dont… Oh boy, they get huge and red and sore, I look like I have been stung by a swarm of bees and did I mention they are sore?

The last two months have been hectic, as one disappears another takes its place, right now I have a large red patch below and to the right of my nostril, this one is blind and freaking sore, I have three, evenly spaced spots across my chin, one smack bang in the middle and one on either side of my mouth.

I also have two small cysts/pimples on my panty line and these ones take forever to go away because of the constant pressure of my underwear.  I have been getting these cysts since I started getting my periods 17 years ago.  They are the bain of my existence.

I can deal with all the symptoms, I can even deal with red spots on my face, what I cant deal with is the pain!  I live on pain killers.  I’m grouchy and irritable and touchy and miserable.

I have tried face washes, supplements, facials, reflexology, the works!  The only way to stop the spots is to either fall pregnant or go back on my pill…  Need I say more?

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  1. you are not alone *hugs* – and I have the added bonus of being unable to lose weight. At all. No matter what. The cure? Lose a bit of weight – it will fix the pcos. smh. hugs honey – it will come right at some stage!

  2. Hi girl, great to meet you – just found you this morning at Wenchy. I really hope you get pregnant soon – we struggled for 12 months with a second pregnancy and then fell pregnant – twins! It is amazing how sympathetic people are about first pregnancies and infertility and how unsympathetic they are about secondary infirtility – because you have one, and you should be happy about that. I sincerely hope that you get this lucky. Love and light to you. (If you want to read about it – there is a “Story of us” block on the left.)

  3. Hi Cat,
    Thanks for stopping by.
    You give me hope! Its good to know that Im not alone (even when it feels that way). You are so right about the sympathy thing, when I tell people I am classified as infertile, they look at me like I crawled out the cheese until I explain what secondary infertility is.
    Going to take a look at your story right now 🙂

  4. Well at least there’s one part of your TTC battle you can explain. I like having answers like that.

    As for the blind pimples, can you use something like Garnier’s “Pure Active” roll on when you feel one starting? I don’t get pimples very often, but I have found it a fabulous way of stopping them before they get past the “blind” phase.
    Since you know what causes them however you may not be able to use it… I’d hate to complicate matters for you.
    Strongs girl.

  5. Thanks man!
    I have been using an Australian Tea Tree soap that my mom got for me, it seems to be working quite well 🙂

  6. HI there,

    me again. I have PCOS as well…and I got the hair! My chin might as well be my husbands chin for the amount of rough and ugly black hair I have there (considering I’m fair skinned and fair haired…black hair is not a good look)

    So anyway, just dropping in to let you know I’m reading 🙂

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