22 Week scan…

Yesterday I went for our 22 week scan.  Paul couldnt make it but that meant my mom could come with me which made her day.  She works at the same hospital as my OB so she popped down stairs to jon me.

The OB has bought a new fancy machine.  Its not 3/4D but for a 2D machine its pretty damn awesome.  Because its got some pretty nifty new function the sales tech was with my OB the whole day to help her and Dr D asked if I would mind the lady joining us during my scan.  I of course said no problem, I have no issues with random ladies looking at my semi-naked bottom half 😉

Because Dr D is still learning the new machine we got a pretty in depth scan that lasted a bit longer than a regular scan, about 12 minutes instead of about 5 minutes.  They couldnt get a clear front view of #theSQL’s heart because she kept moving around.  Dr D even made a comment about how active she is and asked me if she ever stops moving.  Ummm, no, not really, she has boundless energy it seems…

She is measuring about 4 days ahead and weighs 537g!

So without further ado here is the scan 🙂

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