A question about teats?

So, I have a whole bunch of Nuk #1 dummies (pacifiers) and bottle teats that I put away when Aaron grew out of them.

They have been sealed in a tupperware type container for what must be about 2 years.

My question is: Can I sterilise them and use them for theSQL or should I toss them and buy new ones?

I intend to breastfeed exclusively for the first 6 weeks but then I would like to express and give Paul and Aletta and the grannies etc… a chance to feed her now and then.

I am going to buy new bottles (non branded ones) and use the Nuk teats like I did for Aaron.  Just not sure if I can still use the old teats and dummies?

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  1. I remember reading somewhere(can’t remember where because it was when J was still a baby) that as long as the teats are not torn or perished they are fine. I’ve also put away a whole bunch of teats for our follow up 🙂 My friend @berniceleroux also used some of the same teats from her first baby for her twins. Nuk’s a decent brand so the teats are tough! X

  2. i don’t see why not. like ankia says – as long as not torn/perished there’s no reason not to use them, if they’ve been sterilised!

  3. I did the same after Abigail was born and Logan uses them now and all is fine. Nuk is a fabulous brand. I agree as long as they are sterilized and in good nick then they will be fine to use.

  4. I felt that it is not a good thing to use the same teats for my daughter as I used for my first born son. So I bought new ones for her because I was very scared about how clean they actually are for my newborn daughter. I recommend that you buy new ones. My opinion – why take a chance?

  5. I had 2 kids that refused the bottle, neither one would ever take it so sorry I am useless when it comes to bottles. If they are not perished I can’t see why not

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