24+ weeks

So last Friday was 24 weeks of being pregnant with #theSQL 🙂

This pregnancy has really been incredibly different from Aarons.  The biggest difference at the moment is that I have relatively no heartburn because she is sitting so much lower than Aaron did.  With Aaron I was on medication to stop the production of acid because the heartburn was so bad.  This time I only have heartburn if I eat or drink and lie down straight away.

One thing I never complained about with Aaron was being kicked in the bladder but with theSQL that is all I complain about!  Sometimes I think that if I just stand on my head I will be more comfortable.  She constantly pokes and prods and kicks my bladder.

Its a good thing though, she is constantly moving and turning and poking legs and knees and elbows and even her head out the sides of my belly.  Im hoping she uses up all the boundless energy before she is born 😉

Here is the latest pic of the belly at 24 weeks 3 days 🙂

I cant quite believe that I have just shy of 16 weeks left… insane!

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  1. Time flies indeed – both my children lay low in me, so I know the feeling of always being poked or kicked in the bladder.
    Enjoy the rest of the pregnancy 🙂

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