1’s and 2’s

Aaron went the entire day (except for nap time) yesterday without a nappy! He also refused to put a nappy on after his bath.

Progress I think 🙂

He still wont make a poo without his nappy and will come and ask for us to put one on when he needs to go and he wont wee in the toilet either, he insists on ‘watering’ the garden.

I suppose those two things will come eventually.

Im so proud of him for being nappy free with no accidents!!

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  1. damn I lot my comment
    was saying congrats, I am sure you will be glad to get this done before baby comes.
    I would not worry about the poos and the toilet it will come with time. Caleb started using the toilet after he had watched The Geek go a few times, does he ever watch dad?

    1. He does watch dad occasionally, he watches me a lot. At school they have mini toilets and he will sit on that and wee, but at home he refuses and will only stand and water the garden…
      Im just happy he doesnt want to wee in the nappy 🙂

  2. Isn’t it the prerogative of the male of our species to always “water the garden”. I think that is so cute – and well done. He’ll use the loo when he is good and ready. Congrats again…:-)

  3. Well Done Aaron!

    each kid takes their own sweet time with potty training, so just be patient. Shae was past 3 when she ditched the nappies and at first she’d only pee on trees like her best friend, our dog does!! she also wouldn’t pooh in the toilet until we made up a pooping song for her to sing 😉

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