Aaron has reached THAT age…

Aaron:  Why?  Why mommy?  Why is the robot (traffic light) green?

Me:  So we can go.

Aaron:  Why?

Me: So we dont sit here all day.

Aaron: Why?

Me: Cause I want to go home and weewee.

Aaron: Why?

Me: Cause I dont want to wee in my pants.

Aaron: I weed in the toilet!

Me: What a good boy.

Aaron: Why?

Me: Why what?

Aaron: Why is the robot green?

Me: *Bangs head on steering wheel*

My mom said I should just answer any why with: “Cause pigs dont fly in the middle of July!” and see what happens…

6 Replies to “Why?”

  1. I say “Cos God made it that way”- works some of the time but Kiara still asks why – ALOT!

    It KILLS me!

    Why are we going this way? Why does a bee sting you? Why why why!

  2. Oh, what I have to look forward to. When the world is such a new place, I’d probably also ask “why” allot. Perhaps as adults we need to do more of that? Just asking….. 🙂

  3. LOL, I asked him ‘why?’
    He got very annoyed with me when I wouldn’t just accept his answer and kept asking why 🙂
    A small part of me was immensely gratified that I managed to annoy him as much as he annoyed me (but only a small part)

  4. I don’t remember Damien doing that much… he went straight to telling me what was what.
    When my nephew started doing it we turned the tables on him quite often, especially if he repeated himself. We didn’t just say “Why?”, we’d say “Dunno, what do you think?”. His answers were often surprisingly informed!

  5. Oh my gosh, my boys are still ok, but try a 5 year old’s why questions. Like (from the radio news) – who was killed in a car crash? Why? Tears after that. Can it happen to me?

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