35 weeks!


Ok, sorry, had to get that out there…

Yesterday I went for my 35 week appointment.

#theSQL is doing really well.  She now weighs 2.76kg (about 300g bigger than average) and is apparently quite tall.  I blame Paul for all that 😉

She is still moving all the time.  We had one quiet day but she really made up for it the next day 🙂

Dr D was expecting her head to be engaged but its not, she looked at me and said deadpan, “Its because your pelvis is narrow and her head is big, just dont see it happening…”, OMG, seriously, I cant be that small although she can be that big!

She is pretty sure that even if I do go into labour naturally that her head will get stuck and she would rather do the c-section to be safe.  I tend to agree with her.  I asked if I would be allowed to watch her do the c-sec and she said sure.  Im quite excited about that.  We agreed that Paul will just have to turn his back and pray that he doesnt pass out.

The other thing I asked her was about the pain meds afterwards.  Last time they gave me some pretty hectic stuff in my drip and I was out of it (and not in a good way) for most of the first day. She said that this time we can start with the minimum dose of the lightest painkiller and then if I need more we can up the dose and/or the type of painkiller.  So happy she agreed because I really hated feeling so out of it last time.

I also spoke to Dr D about the swelling in my calves, ankles and feet (I even showed her the picture I put on Twitter).  She said that coupled with my low BP made her want to book me off work on modified bed rest.  Unfortunately I still have quite a bit to do at the office including showing the other ladies what they need to do for me while Im away.  So we compromised.  She booked me off today and Monday on modified bed rest so that I can get 4 straight days of relaxation.

So Im not allowed to drive or go do grocery shopping or anything like that.  I am allowed to walk around at home as long as I take it easy and dont do anything hectic like clean out the baby’s room of all the crap that is in there at the moment (I really feel the need to do that though, I hate sitting idle and Im all about the nesting at the moment!)

I did get a tub of Puff Ease Bath Tea from BodyThrills yesterday and let me tell you it works.  And it smells divine.  Almost makes me want to have swollen ankles so I can feel the relief as they go down in my bath tonight 😉

Once again, I cant get the Vimeo video to embed so here is the link 🙂

theSQL 35 week scan

The other thing we discussed was that since my OB is going to be away from the 10 Dec until the 24 Dec, I will need to see her locum in about 10 days time.  She made me an appointment to see her for the 13 Dec.  I completely trust Dr D so I know she would only leave us in good hands and Im glad I get to meet the locum before (please Gd) this baby comes.

Hopefully we will see the locum and the next time we go to Sunninghill will be to deliver theSQL with Dr D when she is back.

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