So Friday 10th was my last day at work. It was also our housekeeper/nanny’s last day of work. It also happened to be my OB’s last day at work.

Anyone seeing a pattern here?

We went to my MIL for shabbos dinner and on Saturday we did some shopping, visited my granny and went home for lunch. We had booked tickets to see the new Harry Potter and my mom agreed to look after Aaron in the afternoon.

When we got back to my mom to fetch Aaron he didn’t want to come home. I jokingly asked him of he wanted to sleep at Nana knowing that the last dozen times we had asked he said no. Well he surprised us and said yes. My mom agreed and Paul and I went home alone.

We made dinner, caught up on a few episodes of CSI New York, closed up the house, settled the dogs and went to bed. Well, Paul went to sleep and I stayed up a bit playing on my laptop. Just before midnight I put the laptop away and turned off the lights. Not 5 minutes later my water broke!

Now I had been having contractions very erratically for a few days and theSQL was definitely head down and in position but I really didn’t expect her to come so soon. Especially because that’s pretty much what happened with Aaron at just over 36 weeks. I mean really, what are the chances of it happening twice?

Pretty darn good it seems…

So I woke Paul up and the darling man got everything together and in the car while I waited in the bathroom. I had called the hospital and they were expecting us. Paul drove us in record time through the rain and we arrived at the hospital shortly after 12:30am Sunday morning.

The lovely sister in charge, who happened to be a midwife too, hooked us up to a monitor and confirmed a strong foetal heartbeat and regular contractions. She did an internal and could feel her head pushing against my cervix.

The OB on call was spoken to and within an hour and a half of arriving at the hospital we were waiting outside theatre ready for theSQL to make her appearance.

The spinal was quick and not so painless but worked like a bomb. Paul was called in and at 2:23am on 12 Dec 2010 our beautiful baby girl was delivered into the world weighing 2.91kg and measuring 48cm long.

She has a full head of dark hair and latched on to the boob straight away. She is already on her own schedule and wakes up every 2 hours or so for a feed.

Aaron is in love with his baby sister and tells us at every opportunity that he NEEDS to hold his baby. I think he will be quite protective of her.

Right now I’m about to try catch up on some sleep since I’ve technically not really slept since Friday night…

***fixed the picture now that I have my laptop 🙂

A few hours old!


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  1. I’m SO happy everything went so smoothly with regards to the birth. You sound so happy 🙂

    #theSQL is absolutely gorgeous, and one can understand why Aaron NEEDS to hold his baby!!

    I can’t wait to hear her name and finally get to meet the little bundle!

    Many many congratulations and Mazel Tovs on your precious little girl!



    From your tweets, your baba is absolutely beautiful, and while I’m sure you’re exhaustemacated, I’m sure you’re relieved to be rid of the extra body weight you’ve been carrying around.

    Can’t wait for Thursday to hear her name!


  3. Congratulations once again, so glad you are all ok. Amazing that Aaron decided to sleep over and his baby sister decided to arrive. Everything happens for a reason 😉 Can’t wait to hear her name

  4. WE don’t know each other, but I wish you could feel my happiness for you. I can’t wait to have a little SQL of my own and I wish you all the love, happiness and joy in the world. And lots of sleep! Wow – I am so glad I didn’t miss this.

  5. And I am still chuffed that I happened to have woken up shortly before you announced her birth on Twitter! It was weird for me, but it was very cool to know before anyone else woke up :P!

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