A little bit if Moo!

Today I went to visit Mandi, who I have only met very briefly before.  She made me a lekker cup of tea and we chatted and had a lovely morning.

For those of you that dont know Mandi owns and runs MandiMoo, an awesome store that creates the most beautiful handmade baby accessories.

While we were visiting I collected some MooBurpps that I had ordered and Mandi gave us a beautiful MooTagg that she had personalised for Faith.  I also got my MooMonster that Timor had ordered for Faith.

I only got them this morning but so far about 5 people have seen the MooTagg and the MooBurpps and they are in awe of them!  I am in awe of them!  We are definitely going to be the most stylish mama and baby out there 🙂

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  1. I meant to comment on this days ago but I couldn’t get it right on my BB.

    Thanks for such a lovely morning – it was great to actually have a chance to chat and of course get to meet the beautiful little Faith.

    You and Faith are an excellent little advert for MandiMoo Baby! I already have orders coming in, Thank you.

    We must do tea again soon soon!

    M xxx

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