So after 4/5 days of feeling flu-ish then gastro-ish I decided to go to the doctor.

Good idea!

He seems to think I may have the dreaded Swine Flu! Oink!

He isnt 100% certain and has based his diagnosis on symptoms not a test.  Because I am breastfeeding Faith and because there is no definitive certainty that Tamiflu is safe in breastfeeding we decided to try a general antibiotic first, if by this time tomorrow I am not feeling better at all then I will go onto the Tamiflu.

Im really really grateful that I am a very good cow and that I have a freezer full of stored breast milk.  Today and up until I have to go onto Tamiflu I will be expressing after every feed or between if I feel ‘full’ so that I can add to the stock.

Then, if I do have to take Tamiflu I will bottle feed Faith from the supply and ‘pump and dump’ as many times a day as possible while I’m on it so that I can keep my milk supply up.

I really really hope that I start getting better because I really dont want to bottle feed Faith (she hates it) and I dont want to compromise my supply.


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