What goes up must come down…

… but how do you explain that to a 3 year old?

Ok moms of boys, I need your help.

Before I had Aaron I had no idea that pre-pubescent boys could get an erection.  I have since learnt that it is entirely normal and a part of his development.

My problem is that Aaron freaks out.  He tells us his ‘peepee’ (yes we call a penis a peepee, we also call it a penis it just depends on the situation)  is going up (his words) and seems genuinely distressed by it.  When we try explain that its ok and that it will go back to normal he gets even more upset and yells that it wont, he seems really scared that he will be stuck that way.

So, any advice on how to explain it to him, how to calm him and assure him he will be fine?

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  1. I’d give him a very rudimentary technical (medical) description of what’s happening and why.

    Something like, “Sometimes, when you get very excited, your heart makes the blood in your body run very fast then your peepee gets lots of blood running really fast inside it and that makes it go up. When you’re a bit less excited, then your blood won’t run so very fast and it will go down again…”

  2. I have no sound advice for you unfortunately. Except I really giggled at Aaron’s reaction, which was very nasty of me. I’m clearly not a mother to a young boy :p

    How is the swine flu, Piglet?

    1. LOL, its ok, I also secretly giggle whenever it happens… Paul gives me the evil eye though 🙂

      Swine flu is over thank Gd!! Oink!

  3. Sjoe. I must admit that I have never had this experience with either of my sons. I’m thinking that MeeA has the best suggestion. I did ask my husband what he would have done if it was one of our boys having this problem. I am sorry to say but he was NOT helpful at all.

  4. Gina, Fill a balloon with water. Preferably, a long one. So he can see. When he needs to wee – it fills up. Might help? Visual explanation. It clearly won’t always be cos he needs to wee, but maybe if he tries to wee when he has the issue, it will help him relax? Cos he has an answer? Squidges.

  5. I really don’t see the pseudo-medical/technical explanations making any sense to Aaron even if he has the attention span needed to sit through the explanation and understand it.

    The approach I am taking with him when it happens is just to reassure him that his erection will go down and its nothing to be embarrassed about or scared of. I can’t really tell him it happens to me too because he’d want proof and that’s not really appropriate. I think I have told him it happens to all boys and it helps a bit, I think.

    At this age, I think he just needs to know that he shouldn’t be embarrassed about it or scared of it. Its probably all that counts right now.

  6. J has had this as well, but he was never distressed by it. Actually it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. Sorry no advice from this boy mommy either.

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