WIWT – Episode 2

So I actually wore this last week, but whats a few days between friends, right?

Pin stripe pencil skirt – of undetermined age from my mommy’s cupboard

White JT style cami – from my mommy’s cupboard

White collared shirt – again, from my mommy’s cupboard

Black cardigan – Woolies last winter

Black tights – Woolies by Marks and Spencers

Black kitten healed Mary Jane’s –  Mr Price (and a steal at R99!)

And yes, I really am a size 3.  In fact Im actually a 2.5 but if the shoe has an ankle strap a 3 will fit, or at least not fly off when I walk 🙂

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    1. I think it was in a messy bun which is how my hair is pretty much all the time, unless I get around to using the GHD 🙂

  1. Very smart and corporate like. And wow, those shoes! Stunning. I always used to be a size 5 – small considering I am so tall. But after my first pregnancy – a size 7! Kid you not!

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