Taggies taggies taggies!!!

A few weeks ago our tumble dryer died.  One day, a very miserable, overcast, cold and nasty Cape Town Jozi day, Faith threw up all over her beautiful MandiMoo MooTagg.  Horror!  So into the load of laundry it went.  Of course we couldnt dry anything so it was hung up on the line outside.  Fast forward a few hours and its bedtime.  And Faith, my sweet, happy, amenable child is throwing the hugest fit.  Why?  Cause she doesnt have her taggie.  Thats why!  Thank heavens that even though it was still damp it was dry enough to bring inside and she happily fell asleep clutching it in her hands.

In order to avoid any further drama, we ordered two more MooTaggs from Mandi that Paul collected today.

I have popped both of them in the cot with her and she seems totally happy and blissed out 🙂

Are they not just too cute?!

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  1. I have a daughter named Faith too….and 7yrs ago my SiL sent her a taggie blankie from the States which she still has today! ARent they too sweet.

  2. Do not, I repeat, I do NOT ever leave the taggie at home, or in the wash and your toddler can’t have your taggie. Oh boy, I do so ever understand. Oh, and never let her lose at 02:00 in the morning – heaven forbid.

    The Baby Mama

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