Philadelphia cheese sauce with peppadew, bacon and red onion

I have a big love for Philadelphia cheese…all cheese really, but Philadelphia cheese especially! Some time ago I started making this pot of yumminess and I posted it on my blog, but I figured it would be a good idea to share with the food people in the world.  So enjoy!

– 3/4 block of Philadelphia cheese
– +/- 40ml Milk
– 2TBS Butter
– hand full of chopped peppadews
– bacon(as much as you want)
– Red onions(chopped, as much as you want)

– Cut the cheese into smaller pieces and put it on a low heat in a saucepan adding the milk
and butter.
– Keep stirring until the butter and the cheese have melted, but keep the heat very low,
otherwise it will burn. Add more milk depending on the thickness of sauce you require
– When the sauce is ready, add the chopped peppadew, the cooked bacon and onion, stir
– Add pasta

And Voila! Pasta with Philadelphia cheese sauce, peppadew, bacon and red onion. it’s the easiest most divine meal ever. You can also, after having mixed everything add a tad of Parmesan and Tabasco….so yummy!

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