Sleep deprivation…

Sick kids will do that to you.

Aaron started last week with a cough and croup in the night, off to the doctor, who told us that nebulising him as we were doing was the way to go, he is finally coming right although he is still coughing.

Faith developed a snotty blocked nose on Saturday and was awake about 7 times and again about 4 times on Sunday and AGAIN last night.  In fact this morning at about 3:45 Paul landed up taking her to the lounge since she wouldnt settle.

All of this has resulted in major sleep deprivation and general grouchiness in my house.

Hopefully both kids are on the mend and normal programming will continue soon!

6 Replies to “Sleep deprivation…”

  1. Sleep deprivation sucks! There is no worse form of torture. I hope things settle down in your house of sick and that you get some zzzz.

  2. hey what was the question for the ladies…lol how many men read blogs? anyways please send me the password so that I can read it and answer, promise to be super honest.

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