Skin – Day 35 and an about face (haha)

So after my post 2 days ago about stopping the Roaccutane and going back onto my antibiotics, things have changed a little.

I called my dermo’s office this morning and after a bit of a chase around they told me that I could come see her this evening.  I fetched Aaron from my mom and she offered to come with me, so we dropped Aaron at home and off we went.

I walked into the office at about 6:30pm and she took one look, shook her head and said that she wanted to try drain it.

Let me just tell you that this chick, this chick is a freaking liar!  There is no way in heaven, hell or purgatory that she fell asleep while having those stars tattooed on her face.

Thank heavens my mommy came with me.  I cried the entire time the dr was working on me.  From the time she injected the anesthetic, through making a hole (!) in the cyst, to draining it and then injecting cortisone directly into it.  Sore does not even begin to cover the pain!

So I am now on hectic once a day antibiotics for 10 days and an increased dose of Roaccutane as well as a topical cortisone cream.

Lets just hope that I look like a normal person by next Sunday for my brother in laws wedding.


Day: 35

Dosage: 30mg per day

Skin issues: Massive cyst on left side of my nose (drained as per above), small drained cyst under right side of nose (she also injected cortisone into that one, just in case)

Side effects: Nothing different, my hands and the top of my feet are a little dry but other than that all is ok.



Improvement: Watch this space!

10 Replies to “Skin – Day 35 and an about face (haha)”

  1. ouch ouch ouch… that sounds awful! I’m so glad you had your mommy there with you!!
    Hope you clear up quick quick for the wedding

  2. Yep next to the nose is one of the most sensitive areas on the face, I wouldn’t dismiss the other chick though – I wouldn’t cry having a procedure like that, just saying, so don’t call other people liars lol, even if in jest.

    I wouldn’t discontinue the roaccutane it takes time to start working, and things usually get worse before they get better, just hang in there. Hope it starts improving soon!

  3. Firstly, tattoo artists aren’t allowed to tattoo anyone who are drunk neither asleep due to things like these. So this is bull.
    Sounds so sore what you had to go through. I really hope that this time things will work out for you and your face.

  4. Ack! That sounds so painful! Our faces have more nerve endings than many other parts of our bodies and you’re right, that girl could not have been asleep! Fingers crossed/holding thumbs(?) that you feel at your best for Sunday!

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