My little gentleman

I’ve said on Twitter before how proud I am of Aaron for his manners. His teacher tells me time and time again that he is the most polite child she has ever met. That he always says please and thank you.

This makes my mama heart swell with pride!

Its something that my dad was very strict about. We had to have manners. Please and thank you. Getting up and giving your seat to an adult. My brothers were taught to take off their caps when a lady entered the room and they were taught to open a door and let a lady go through first. They were also taught to open a car door for a lady.

This is something that I am trying to teach my children too and it seems to be working.

One of the other things that we have (finally) taught Aaron is not to say ‘what’ or ‘huh’ when he wants you to repeat yourself.  He now says ‘pardon’.  It is too cute!

I was given a bit of a mama pride boost yesterday again.

We went to a birthday party and Aaron had eaten a sucker. I saw out the corner of my eye that he was looking for somewhere to put his empty stick and I saw him ask the nearest adult where the dustbin was, he then went off and deposited the stick in the bin.

About 10 minutes later the adult, who happened to be the birthday girls granddad, came up to me and told me how impressed he was with Aaron, firstly for asking where the dustbin was and not just throwing his sucker stick down and secondly for how polite he was, he had said excuse me when he asked his question and said thank you once he was told where the bin was.


I am so super proud of my little mensch!


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  1. Yesterday my child asked me for “five minutes peace” in the bath and when i came back, he’d shaved his legs – wanna swap?

  2. That’s so lovely that you have a little gentleman. Nowadays manners seem to be the exception rather than the rule and it’s really nice to hear that not all is lost 🙂 You can be a proud Mamma indeed!

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