Skin – Why I never wear makeup

So, the whole skin thing, ja, thats basically why I never wear makeup.

The minute I put base on I break out in cysts, I really mean that, within an hour I can feel them building and by the next day they are clearly visible.

I dont even use moisturiser because I have the same reaction, although I have found that if I use a very mild one now I am ok.

I have been on the Roaccutane now for about 3 months.  My skin definitely show vast improvement.

But I’m scared.  Im scared that if I start using make up now I will get cysts.  Even though my skin is so much better and I’m pretty sure I wont react, especially if I use hypoallergenic products.

I have some really beautiful products from GlossyBox and RubyBox and I am dying to try them out.

Whats the worst that can happen?


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  1. It is not the products that cause the break outs, so I have been told. I too am suffering with cysts all over, BUT you can’t NOT moisturize Gina, that is worse for your skin…I promise! Why don’t you try some Grape Seed Oil in the evenings as a moisturiser, google it and see the benefits and it is NOT oily as you would think, absorbs easily. I also use a witch hazel toner and sometimes a rose water toner, R20 a bottle at Dischem, all natural.

  2. I think you will be okay, but maybe try something over a weekend you don’t have anything planned to see? I was on Roaccutane for six months and it made a huge improvement. I just don’t wear makeup because I can’t be bothered. I love getting makeup, but because I leave home so early in the mornings I rather spend the time I would’ve spent on makeup, hitting the snooze button.

    Good luck!

    1. Hehe, I also dont wear make up cause I cant be bothered most days but when I do want to wear it always ends badly. I think im going to give it a try tonight and see what happens 🙂

  3. Well I suppose you know the worst that can happen 🙁 But maybe it is worth a try? I would try something gentle though.

    I dont wear make up because I also have sensitive skin and sometimes I use a product that makes me itch – its really just not worth the fuss!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  4. Sjoe honey. It doesn’t sound right that you are not moisturising. There has GOT to be a moisturiser that you can use. Can your dermo recommend something? I am not that familiar with make up and skin breakouts but would you be able to use makeup that is mineral based? Also, there are a number of organic,completely natural make-up products out now. Have a look at this range:

    It’s free of parabens and sulphates and everything. Maybe it could work for you? Good luck.xoxo

    ps…soooo happy that your skin is improving.

  5. My skin breaks out if I use anything containing oil, best moisturiser and foundations that I can recommend are The Body Shop moisturiser with aloe for sensitive skin (green writing) and Benefit foundation, the Play sticks. Oh and sunblock which will never make you break-out, Clinique City Block, which is tinted so if you just use that and no moisturiser or foundation you still get a bit of coverage.

  6. you know i was also on roaccutane, so my skin is also pretty sensitive… all makeup made me breakout and was flaky and gross… i searched for a bunch of AFFORDABLE organic makeup, and now i ONLY buy from … they have a stall at bryanston organic market, and they do deliver. Their website is pretty crap tho – but all the products are on there.

    in terms of moisturiser… again, most stuff made me breakout and i was desperate for an AFFORDABLE natural range… and found if you mail them, they are super helpful and will recommend stuff for you. their stuff is really well priced and so gentle on the skin… nothing caused me to break out. they have a HUGE range too.

    good luck

  7. Its all good looking after your skin from the outside, but you need to make sure that your gut is healty too.
    Take a probiotic to ensure regular bowel movements.
    Eat fruit and salads daily
    Cut down on sugar and starchy processed foods
    Drink lots of liquids: water, green tea.
    Good luck!!

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