NOT my finest mommy moments

So it turns out I am not totally with it when it comes to my kids and their schools.

You see, Aaron’s school closes today for about 3 weeks.

That I remembered.

But… I assumed that since Aaron was on holiday, Faith would also finish school today.


Faith apparently still has another week of school.  Now if my amazing husband hadnt checked yesterday I would have just stopped taking Faith to school…

The other thing I kind of failed at today is that, yes, Aaron’s school does close today, at 11:30am NOT 12:30 and there is NO aftercare today!

I was happily working away when his teacher called me to see who was fetching him!

Thank heavens for one of the other mommies who offered to drop him at home for me.

So, ja, maybe I should start paying more attention to these things!

8 Replies to “NOT my finest mommy moments”

  1. Eish. PLEASE don’t feel bad. We’ve ALL been there.
    Child1’s school closed today. Child2’s school doesn’t close but he’s going to cry if he has to go alone for the next 3 weeks. So guess what? They’ll both be going to Granny, though I’m going to make Child2 go to school at least twice a week. Am thinking of getting Granny in on helping us to get this potty thing down once and for all so maybe this will be a good thing.

  2. I totally get this!! I am hopeless with this stuff!!

    I have a friend who teaches at the kids school and I call her most days to ask stuff!

  3. LOL! When I saw the title I was expecting something like forgetting them in a parking lot or something! This is hardly serious! So what do you do with your kidlets when they’re on holiday?

    1. Aaron is going to holiday school for 2 weeks (Faith joins him next week) and then they have a week of holiday at home.

  4. LOL this sounds just like me. I am forever phoning one of the other moms to find out when its parents evening, when holidays stop / start etc.

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