Here is the questions…

How many bars of soap do you use a month.

We go through about 3 or 4 200g bars of Lux white soap.

I have to just say that by we, I mean Paul!  I use Tranquil Body Treats clay soap (chocolate, divine) and the kids use the TBT baby wash and foam bath.

So we Paul goes through almost 800g of soap a month.

Is this normal?  How much soap do you buy a month?

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  1. Ha ha, I thought I was the only one who obsessed over soap usage. We (hubs and I) used to go through maybe two or at the most three bars of Orchard’s Apple soap (200g). I have a chemical sensitivity thing going, so it was the only ‘commercial’ soap that I was okay with. Then they discontinued it, and I’ve been battling to find a replacement ever since! So we used glycerine soaps for a while, but they are so expensive and melt away in no time (couple of days, max). Finally, I found Pick ‘n Pay’s new Eco-pure aqueous bar range, which is R8.99 for 100g, and I ♥ it! One bar lasts a bit more than a week, I’d say, so that’s < 400g a month 🙂

  2. Erm… What is Paul using the soap for?! 😉 We hardly get through one bar of Dove soap a month, between the two of us. Although, you’re more likely to use more soap when bathing than showering…

  3. Ya my dad uses a few Dove bars a month too, I think he eats it while he’s in the shower….

    I use a bottle of liquid soap (Radox) a month

    Liquid hand-soap we use about 4 bottles a month between the four of us.

    Victoire no offense, but it scares me that two of you dont use up one bar of soap per month……..

  4. That sounds like a LOT of soap! We use one bar a month between the two of us and there’s another one at the sink for handwashing. You must have the cleanest husband around? 😉

  5. We don’t use more than 2 bars of soap per month.
    Some people do use more soap than others. My parents are of them. They go through 3 bars in a month between 2 people. It’s because they lather their sponges or washing cloths up with a lot of soap.

  6. Goodness that’s a lot! Jinx and I each use half a bottle of shower gel a month. a bottle of face wash lasts 2 or 3 months and K2’s bottle of body wash lasts 2 months.

    (everything expect K2’s stuff is from body shop and her’s is from pnp)

  7. LOL!! So he’s a REEEEALLY clean guy!!
    Neels uses a couple of bars of soap a month, and the knucklehead and I go through 2 bottles of shower gel each.
    More or less…

  8. mmm it does sound like a lot to me.

    We use shower gels so I cant really compare but I have a TBT soap in my bath and I use about 1 every 6 weeks

  9. Hi there

    I use the Dove bars….it dissolves so quickly we go through at least 15 bars a month between mom, dad, and toddler.
    Can you guys recommend something with no soap, but a little more cost effective than Dove?

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