Can I have a holiday please?

My mind has already taken its holiday, its hung a ‘Do not Disturb’ sign up, and posted an ‘Out of Office Reply’.

Last week, I rushed out of work, I was late to pick up the kids.  I pulled into Faiths school, rushed inside and the teacher says to me: ‘What are you doing here’? ‘What do you mean what am I doing here’? I asked.  ‘Um, you called us this morning to tell us Faith was sick and you were keeping her at home!’  DOH!

On Wednesday I left work, got all the way to my car only to realise that I had left my keys on my desk.

Also on Wednesday, I tool Faith to Kindermusik, brought her home, Aaron came home from swimming, I sat down with my book and my mom called.  I had totally forgotten I was supposed to take the kids over to her so they could play with their cousins who were visiting.

I really really need a break.  Can it be holidays now???

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  1. I completely and totally hear you. Today is the 1st of the last 4 work Mondays of the year for me. I’m already counting down the Mondays.

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