Proof that the villain is cooler than the hero!

So you may or may not know that my kids are {Star Wars} fans.

Aaron watches Star Wars {Clone Wars} and has three light sabers and a multitude of figurines.

Faith loves play fighting her brother, each with their own light saber.

Aaron even plays the theme music (usually the {Imperial March}) while they ‘fight’.

Aarons favourite {Angry Birds} game is the {Star Wars version}!

If you ask Aaron who his favourite character is, or even just to tell you about Star Wars, he immediately tells you all about {Darth Maul} and {General Grievous}, funnily enough he seldom mentions {Darth Vader} and he will occasionally mention {Master Yoda}.

He very seldom if ever mentions {Luke} or {Obi-Wan}.

The thing is, he only vaguely understands the dynamics of who the good guys are and who the bad guys are in Star Wars.  At least he didn’t in the beginning.  Now he knows that Darth Maul is a bad guy but he still loves him.  Why?  Because he is cool!

He wanted a Darth Maul birthday cake!  I figured the other moms might be a bit freaked out, so I searched for cartoon versions of all the characters and made Darth Maul slightly more prominent to satisfy Aaron.


For his present he wanted a Darth Maul light saber, “it is a double light saber mom!”   He also would like a blue light saber to add to his collection (He has red, green and white).

Needless to say the villains are definitely cooler than the good guys in my house 🙂


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