Home schooling, well, not really

Today in the car from our house to my mom, a 15 minute drive, Aaron and I had a little lesson on the ocean and the various creatures that inhabit it.

We started off talking about octopuses (or octopi or octopodes – yes there are three ways to make octopus a plural!) and how they squirt ink and have suckers on their tenticles, then moved on to sharks and their many many teeth.  We spoke about whales and the fact that they have no teeth and eat plankton.  We spoke about jelly fish, blue bottles, manta rays and electric eels, all of whom can hurt you with a sting or a shock.  We then spoke about sea horses and the fact that the dads carry the babies.

Image from: Everything Octopus
Image from: Everything Octopus

This is where I had a small heart palpitation, cause if daddy sea horses carry the babies why do human mommies and not the dads carry the babies.  Which led to how do babies eat when they are in your tummy?  Ummmmmm, Im not ready for this kind of discussion.  I explained about the umbilical cord and that when you are born it is cut and when the piece falls off it leaves a belly button.

We arrived at my mom then and I was saved from more questions about babies!

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  1. It’s hard when our children starts to ask those kind of questions. We as parents aren’t sometimes ready nor do we think our children are ready.
    I think you handled it great with the umbilical cord explanation. Well done.

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