With pride and more than a few tears

I feel a little like the mama bird watching her chicks take their first flight.

On Tuesday I attended the Joburg City Power sponsor opening night of #StarlightExpressSA.  I was unable to attend the Media launch on Sunday.

Having watched skate rehearsals, first read through of the script, costume rehearsals, stage building, sound and lighting technical rehearsals, seeing the theatre fill up and the lights come on and Control, Rusty, Greaseball, Electra, Pearl, Dinah and all the others come alive, I was left with a moment of breathlessness, a moment of “oh wow, this is real”.

Everything came together, well the sound needed a tweak or two in the first half, and blew the audience away.  Every comment I heard at interval was positive.  A few people, my mom included, had been at opening week in London 29 years ago and they said this was a production they would never forget!  I cried, I laughed, I held my breath during the races.  I am so proud at what Bernard Jay, Janice Honeyman and their amazing cast and crew have put together.

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*Im going to mention here that I am NOT being paid to write any of the #StarlightExpressSA posts*

That being said, please, please, please! Go book your tickets right now!  You will not regret it!

{Joburg Theatre} or call 0861 670 670

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