Happy pills are happy!

I have new (additional) happy pills.

I cannot tell you the difference they have made.

This is the image I sent to my Dr when he asked me how I was feeling a week after starting the new meds!

Instead of wanting to stay in bed and pull the covers over my head and not wanting to speak or interact with anyone and waking up in a cold sweat two or three times a night, I am happy, I am bouncy, I have been early to work every day for 2 weeks, I am gyming, I am eating properly, I am enjoying my children.

I cannot express enough how much better I feel.

Yes, I am going for therapy as well as taking the meds.  No, meds are not a cure all.

But please please please!  If you suffer from depression or anxiety, talk to your doctor about taking something.  It doesnt have to be long term.  In fact my new meds are only for a few months.

Dont forget, depression is/can be a disease.  Its a medical condition caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain.

My husband is diabetic, a metabolic disease involving the hormone insulin.  He takes a 2 tablets a day to help regulate the chemicals in his body.

I have depression, it is a direct result of an imbalance of hormones and chemicals in my body, it is exacerbated by various life events.  I take 2 tablets a day to help regulate the chemicals in my body.

We both have various therapies to help us cope.

Depression is not shameful, its not something you ‘just get over’.  It is a real medical condition.  Treat it like one!

3 Replies to “Happy pills are happy!”

  1. Sadly and for reasons I can’t understand, depression is not thought of in that way.
    I’ve suffered with depression for a long time and ever so slowly thoughts are changing.
    After a breakdown last year, I went from two medications to four. And while four medications looks scary, I have never ever felt better. And therapy with a great psychologist is also helping.
    *Standing ovation for happy pills*

  2. Yay for you!!!

    I am currently taking a mild something to combat panic attacks…lol! Can you imagine!

    Not sure if it is helping, will see soon, I’m sure 😉


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