Rocked – A Book Review

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Title: Rocked 
Author:  Taryn Elliot and Cari Quinn
Series: Lost in Oblivion 
Genre: Romance
Stars: **** 

Music saved him, but now it’s keeping him from the only woman he craves…

Brawny bassist Deacon McCoy pulled himself up from nothing and is living the dream now that his band Oblivion is opening for his idols on their first tour. He’s frustrated at changes in the band’s management, but one thing takes all the tension away—his fascination with the deliciously cute tour chef, Harper Pruitt.

Born to roadie parents, Harper has has no patience for most rockstars’ love ’em and leave ’em ways. But when it comes to falling into Demon Deacon’s bed—or against the wall, or on the golf course in a rainstorm—she doesn’t seem to have any self-control.

Hot nights with a naughty, inventive rockstar are one thing, but more isn’t on the playlist. Until Deacon’s dream with his best friends starts turning into a nightmare, and Harper begins to see the real man behind the façade.

Except Harper has her own dreams to chase, even if what she’s started with Deacon might be the most important one of all.

My Review

A chef, a sexy musician, a tour bus, choc chip pop overs and a tattoo.  Sounds like the makings of a great book if you ask me.

I absolutely loved this NA (New Adult) rock story.  {Ms Elliot} and {Ms Quinn} take the reader on a wild ride, ups and downs, smooth and rocky, not only do we get to participate in the protagonists’ journey but the journey of the band too.  This isn’t just a love story between two characters, its the story of band mates who are friends who are a family, even if they don’t quite realise it.

Harper and Deacon are so good together.  Quick one liners and tender touches between page-smouldering intimacy is what you get when you read this book.  I almost didn’t want their story to end, the journey was too much fun.

I loved the behind the scenes aspects of this book, it wasn’t just concerts and parties, it was food trucks and sound checks and social media.  I cant wait to carry on reading the {Lost in Oblivion} series.

I do however wish that the authors had included the recipe for those choc chip pop overs, they sounded out of this world delicious!

**Even though this is the first book in the series, before reading {Rocked}, I would recommend reading the prequel, {Seduced}, as there are quite a few references to events that happened before Rocked.

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