Where did my sweet, easy going child go?

Faith has always been my easy child.  Hardly any tantrums, happy to go off on her first day of play school without a tear, does anything her brother wants her to do, goes to Kindermusik and swimming lessons with enthusiasm.  She is a happy, smiley, easy going little girl.


Except for the last few months.  She cries at the drop of a hat.  She refuses point blank to go to Kindermusik, wouldnt even get out the car.  She will swim for 5 minutes of her lesson then howl and perform until I take her out and change her.  She gets teary when I drop her at school.  And last week, after spending the day at her best friends house, the mom called me to say that even though she had been pretty happy most of the afternoon, she would cry at random times and refuse to play.

The only big change is that at the beginning of the year I stared working full time again.  But that was January and this only started in the last month or so.  We discussed that I was going to be going back to work after bringing the kids home from school and having lunch with them.  And she knows I come back every afternoon.

Im at a bit of a loss as to what is making her so very miserable.  I just want her to be happy.

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  1. Gina,

    I’m no expert (heck, I wish I was) but Faith’s age is the exact phase of life I felt most useless as a mom. All I can suggest is that, every time this happens, you stop and talk to her. If she throws a fit, stop her and talk to her. This is the time when I used the phrase “use your words” most often with C, and when I said “If you need to cry about it, cry about it. But I’m not listening until you’ve stopped”. This is also the time I walked away a lot, and probably the most I’ve ever yelled. It’s so bloody hard, but all I can do is suggest the things that got us through. Sterkte, mama. X

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