Flesh – A discussion with my 3 year old

This morning, Faith told me that Michael Jackson has black hair and that his skin is black and that she is flesh coloured.

Where to even start.

I hate, hate, hate that ‘flesh’ is still/even considered a colour.  I have no idea where Faith got the concept from, I spoke to her teachers at school and they said they haven’t taught it to the kids, they speak about pink, peach, chocolate and brown.

I found this image on Google, not sure where it came from originally
I found this image on Google, not sure where it came from originally

I tried to explain to Faith that flesh is not actually a colour, that it is the word we use for {skin, muscle and sinews} in our body. I told her that Michael Jackson is actually brown (yes, I know, a totally different discussion) and that she was pink.  I said that I am also pink and that Aletta, our nanny is brown like Michael Jackson.

She seemed to understand although I think I will have to keep reinforcing the concept.

I never had this issue with Aaron. When he was little he spoke about people’s colour in terms of the clothes they were wearing, for example, the man wearing a blue t-shirt was a blue man, the lady in the pink dress was a pink lady, the kid in the purple shirt was a purple kid.  I still have never had a skin colour conversation with him actually.

Has this ever been an issue with your kids?  How did you deal with it?


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  1. Shae has also recently started asking how the little brown girl at dancing classes can have peach parents . The kid is adopted. I have to admit i was completely struck dumb, which is totally unusual for me!

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