A love letter to my pet hate #writersbootcampza

Dear idiot drivers,

How I love you, let me count the ways.

You pull out into the far right of the single lane in order to turn left and cut me off from driving past you.

When I’m waiting to turn and you are driving past me, only to indicate to turn before me at the very last minute so that I sit there like an idiot.

Sometimes you don’t indicate at all.

I’m driving down the road, a stream of cars in front of me, none behind me. You insist on pulling in to the road in front of me when, if you waited 30 seconds, you could have turned in behind me.

There are speed bumps. Not only do you slow down to 10km/hr but you swerve from side to side as you go over.

Driving on the highway, a 120km/hr zone, you drive at 40km. In the middle lane. And you won’t move over. And get aggressive with me.

Driving on a suburban road, a 60km/hr zone and you are driving at 120km and get aggressive with me because I’m going too slowly for your liking.

Dear idiot drivers, I love you.



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