If I were an animal/insect, I’d be… #writersbootcampZA

A dog in my house.

3 pups 2

My three pups are treated like royalty.

stuart 1

#StuartDog sleeps on my bed, cuddled up to my legs.

couch 2

#BanditDog sleeps in the doggy bed, a huge, puffy doggy pillow covered in a fleece blanket with a duvet over it, perfect for burrowing.

Salami 2

#SalamiDog is supposed to sleep with Bandit, and she does sometimes, but she comes to my side of the bed and ‘asks’ for my continental pillow which I then place on the floor next to my bed, the opening of the pillow case within easy access of her snout.  She then burrows into the pillow case and sleeps there.

Salami 1

All three dogs get morning play time which consists of me lying on the floor and the three of them ‘attacking’ me with licks and pounces and nibbles.

stuart 2

They sleep on the couch cuddled up to us at night when we watch TV, or stretch out on the back of the couch like cats.

3 pups 3

They have full reign of the garden and dig to their hearts content in my flower beds.


I want to be a dog in my house!

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  1. Ah, but if you’re a dog in your house, who’d be the *you* in your house? And would they spoil you just as much as you spoil your doggies? …

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