On boobs and blood.

Last week while in the car, Aaron asked me two questions.

  1. Do boys have boobs?

I tried to explain that boys and girls have the same tissue in their body but only girls grow boobs when they get older.  He thought for a minute and then asked, ‘If boys dont have boobs, why do they have nipples? Because nipples are where milk comes out.’

Smart kid!  I explained the next day after consulting Twitter, Gd doesnt know if you are a girl or a boy when you are first in your mommy’s tummy so everyone gets nipples.

  1. If we all have the same skeleton and the same red blood why do some people have dark skin and some people have light skin?

Very good question and I am so proud of his thinking.  I explained that people have different characteristics depending on where they originated from, hotter climates means darker skin and colder climates means lighter skin.  Some people have smaller eyes and some have blond hair and some are taller than others.

Im so proud of the thinking this little man does 🙂

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