We are going home.

Israel.  We are going home to Israel.


We have had this thought of making Aliyah (emigrating) to Israel for about 5 years, but various things kept us here.

A few months ago we made the decision that now is the time.  The kids are young enough, we are young enough.  Lets go!

I have sold my big car, the house has been sold (in 3 weeks!!! Need a fantastic estate agent contact {Wendi}!!), I have resigned, the kids know, our families have has some time to process everything.

We leave mid December.  Thats 2 and a half months away!  Our lift leaves in 6 weeks!!  I haven’t even started packing or deciding what is being given away or sold or coming with us.

Its all very hectic and very exciting.

This is going to be the adventure of a life time and I cant wait to take you on our journey with us!

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  1. Oh my gosh, we are too! One-way tickets bought for December 2nd. Life has been too hard on us here in SA. We are going into debt living in CT every single month. My husband is angry all the time because he is unhappy. Our daughter is young as well, so the transition will be easy enough. Being close to family is highly underrated! We miss them daily, and it hurts my heart to know my family is missing out on my daughter’s growth and amazing personality. Our doxie just had surgery, so we have to make sure she is healthy enough to travel back. Big Hugs, because this is not an easy decision or an easy process.

  2. This is so wonderful news! There will no doubt be challenges and adjustment, and hey, living in Israel certainly has its challenges. But well, it’s home. Now I have chills. What an incredible journey your family are embarking on. Wishing you guys hatzlacha raba on your aliyah, and only success and happiness!

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