Miracles are real!

Last night a miracle happened.  Its not my miracle and not my story to share but it made me think of the miracles I have personally experienced.

The time we were held up in our house and they pulled out all the landlines and stole all the cell phones except my crappy Alcatel with 1 bar of battery. And that bar was enough to call 10111 and they came and rescued us.

The time they broke into my mom’s house and threatened her at gunpoint and my brother was there and his training kicked in and he kicked scum-bag arse without anyone getting hurt (except the scum-bags)!

The time I took a different route home ‘just because’ and missed a huge accident on my regular route.

They do happen. All the time.  Sometimes they are small and you don’t realise they happened until much later and sometimes they are big and in your face.

I believe in miracles.  I believe in guardian angels.  I believe!


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  1. So just this morning I cursed myself for driving to ORT when I was supposed to catch my flight from Lanseria. When I finally landed in CT I saw the flight announcement board list my original flight had been delayed by 6 hours. Small miracle, but miracle none the less.

    *high-five, G-d*

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