Your favourite things – Aaron

TV programme:  You watch any videos on YouTube to do with Minecraft.
iPhone App: See above!
Meal:  Pizza. I think it will always be pizza.
Fruit:  You don’t really eat any particular fruit, more like whatever is available. You do have a fondness for grapes though.
Vegetable:  You eat cucumbers and carrots every night with dinner. You are also trying fresh red and yellow peppers, some days you like them, some days you don’t.
Breakfast:  Anything loaded with sugar.
Drink:  ‘Red’ juice. Its a diabetic friendly juice concentrate. We all love it.
Toy:  You have a nerf gun that you love, you make targets and practice shooting.
You love: Minecraft.


Something that happened yesterday: You and your sister recently discovered that you can go across the hall to play with the neighbors kids. Yesterday you came back from the park and asked to play, you ran between their apartment and ours for hours, lots of screaming and laughing and fun.

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