All. The. THINGS!



My container arrived. My container arrived! MY CONTAINER ARRIVED!!!!!!

Sorry, I’m just really excited.

We packed up our things in mid-November and moved in with my mom. The shipping company was supposed to send the container in mid-December but due to one thing or another it didn’t leave until the beginning of March. Six weeks on the water and a week in customs and the truck arrived at our apartment yesterday.

My apartment went from this:



To this:




I started unpacking yesterday and have managed 8 boxes.  I’m specifically trying to do the kitchen first as that is what the majority of the boxes are. So far I have unpacked the following from those 8 boxes:

  • A gazillion coffee mugs.
  • Whiskey glasses.
  • Hot chocolate glasses.
  • Salad bowls.
  • Glass serving platters and bowls.
  • My milk crockery.
  • Ceramic serving platters and cake stands.
  • Half a tea set.
  • My meat pots and pans.
  • A rolling pin and a baking tray.
  • My kitchen scale.
  • The bread bin.
  • A stove top whistling kettle.
  • My handheld blender.
  • A variety of serving spoons.
  • A knife block and knives.
  • The Nespresso machine.
  • An unused 2011 diary (??) and a single Nespresso pod. (These were wrapped up in a ton of paper, all very carefully).
  • Various other small bobs and bits.

That’s about a quarter of my kitchen unpacked.  I had to stop because the rest of the kitchen boxes are either too heavy for me to move closer to the kitchen or buried under other boxes.  I have to do the kitchen first as that is the majority of the boxes and I can’t move the cabinets and bookshelf into place in the lounge until the majority of the boxes are gone.  Only then can I unpack the rest of the things that go into the cabinets.  Its like working on a giant Rubik’s Cube, trying to make all the pieces fit in the right order.  Paul and I don’t work on Fridays so when the kids are at school we will delve into the boxes and hopefully make a huge dent tomorrow.

One of the things I unpacked is my ‘work’ coffee mug. A client gave this mug to me as part of a Christmas gift in my first ever job. That was almost 15 years ago and this mug has come to work with me wherever I have been. I swear my coffee tasted better this morning in my ‘work’ mug.


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  1. awesome! Can’t wait for the pics of the place with everything sorted out 🙂

    How lekker to not work on Fridays!!?? So you always have long weekends? Lucky fish!

    1. Hehe, nope, no long weekends. The work week in Israel starts on a Sunday. Some people work 6 days a week (or half day on Fridays). We are just both lucky we work Sun-Thur. The best part though is that the kids go to school on a Friday so we get time to ourselves 🙂

    1. Yup, pretty much. The kitchen actually has more cupboard space than my kitchen in SA and most of those boxes are kitchen things.

      We have also put all the winter things like heaters etc in the storeroom downstairs and will rotate the summer things down there later.

      I may have to buy another cupboard though to serve as a linen and towel cupboard but I will see once everything is unpacked 🙂

  2. Yay for all the things! I remember the mission when all of our stuff arrived back from Dubai. Sounds like the process over there is much smoother!

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