Dumb Phone

Aaron is an anxious child. He really doesn’t like new places or situations and takes a few days to settle into a new routine.

This week both kids are at a new camp. Its small and intimate, about 8 kids, in the camp mothers house. We thought that since the kids would be together, Aaron’s anxiety would not be so bad. We also decided that maybe having a way to communicate with us if he needed to would help him be more settled. So we bought a ₪150 (R500) Nokia ‘dumb’ phone (it makes calls, sends sms and has a radio) and added him to our cell contract for an additional ₪10/month, which gives him a set number of minutes and sms.

I adore these men!
I adore these men!

We told him the phone is for emergencies and he must only use it if he really really needed us.

On Sunday I received 10 calls from him. After having a chat about wasting the minutes and not having them when you really need them, I only received 6 calls yesterday. I’m hoping that they have settled in today and I don’t get any calls but I will probably get at least 3…

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  1. Really enjoying every blog post about your time in Israel. The cell phone is a good solution for him, hopefully, the calls will only pick up when he feels anxious in a new situation. He looks like such a sweet kid!

  2. Well, Im happy to report that by 1:30pm we only had 1 call and that was because he tripped and fell on his knee and he was sore 🙂

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