Cheese, cheese, everywhere!

Shavuot, a celebration of the day the Jewish people received the Torah. As with all Jewish celebrations, we have special food related to the holiday. For Shavuot that means dairy.

Cheese, cheesecakes, pasta with lots of cheese and cream, ice cream, and most importantly (to me anyway), cheese blintzes. Yummy crepes filled with a sweet cream cheese mix and fried. They can also be made as savoury blintzes.

I found a recipe on Tori Avey’s site and modified it slightly. They were delicious!! Recipe below. All the lovely pictures taken by Paul.







Fold over the bottom


Fold sides in
Fold sides in 


Keep rolling up and tucking the sides in
Keep rolling up and tucking the sides in 



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5 Replies to “Cheese, cheese, everywhere!”

  1. yummy, Thanks for this Recipe Gin,But do you think I could substitute almond flour and coconut sugar in your recipe and it would come out ok????

    1. I dont see why not, the original recipe called for sugar and I subbed with diabetic friendly sugar replacement so coconut sugar should be fine. As for the flour I’ve never used almond flour but if you use it as a replacement in other baking and it comes out ok then I say go for it. Maybe just take into account that of in other baking you adjust the flour for whatever reason you might want to adjust it here too 🙂

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