I downloaded, deleted and re-downloaded Pokemon Go.

Firstly, I totally missed out on the original Pokemon craze. I just never saw it/got into it and had no idea what it was about or why it was so popular.

When Pokemon Go was released there was a lot of hype, naturally, and it looked interesting and easy. Also, I walk a lot since I don’t have a car and it seemed like something I could easily incorporate into my day.

So, I downloaded the app and it was awesome. It was fun and easy and totally addictive. I had to stop myself from going for a walk at all hours of the night.

But after a few days I deleted the app. Why?

  • It chowed my battery. I already have to recharge at least once a day, I was now recharging at least twice. And yes, I did all the battery saving tips I could find, it is still a huge battery drain.
  • I kept having to log in if the app wasn’t in use for a period of time, which was annoying (apparently this issue has been resolved in an update to the app). 
  • The servers were overloaded and a lot of the time I couldn’t access the app anyway.
  • I work 9 hours a day. I travel for almost 1.5 hours a day. I actually enjoy being home to bath and feed kids and spend time with my husband. Besides my walks to and from the bus stops, I don’t actually have much time to go out and play the game.
  • It was taking up too much head space (you know, that addictive, have to play all the time, head space).

So I deleted the app. 

And I was ok with that. Until the weekend.

Then I was out and about and I saw lots of people playing and I actually had the time to play but my app was gone and I was sad (ok, not THAT sad since I didnt download it again).

But now Im thinking, what if I make this a weekend game? Only play on weekends when Im not busy with family? Do I have the self control and willpower NOT to play during the week?

So I re-downloaded the app and I’ll see what happens.



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