When the husband is away…

…the wife will have to clean out the veggie draw.

The veggie draw that had a bag of manky, rotten cucumbers in it. A bag of manky, rotten cucumbers that had been reduced to disgusting, scummy, smelly liquid. Disgusting, scummy, smelly liquid that had leaked into the veggie draw.

Oh, and don’t let me forget to tell you that the veggie draw has holes in the sides at the bottom, so when I pulled out the draw to dump the mess into the sink, it all drained out onto the floor.

So yeah. Today, more so than usual, I truly do appreciate my husband. He who cleans rotten veggies out the fridge and takes out the trash and cleans the toilets and cleans up after the dog because he loves me and knows I hate doing that stuff.

I love you husband. Three more sleeps!

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