Blog Challenge – I ask – you answer

Todays Female2Female blog challenge!

What colours would your wedding be/was your wedding? My bridesmaids wore grey and the groomsmen had grey ties and they wore grey yarmulkes but the venue was decorated with daisies, lots and lots of daisies in every colour, and every type of daisy, regular house daisies to Barberton daisies.

Scrubs or Greys Anatomy? I have to choose?? I suppose Scrubs but Greys comes in a close 2nd!

Do you pick your battles? Or do you fight for everything you disagree with? Or do you let it all go? I tend to fight, its knee-jerk.  I do try to pick my battles but Im a Leo, hotheaded and impulsive.

Bar One or Whole Nut? Bar One

Where is your favourite holiday destination? Drakensburg.  Love the peace and solitude of the mountains.

High School Musical or Cinderella? Cinderella

You are buying a new house what is the one thing the house must have? A modern kitchen with a place for a kitchen table to eat around, also a rumpus room for the kids to go wild in.

Spring or autumn? Spring

Have you every skinny dipped before? Yup, was so much fun, almost got kicked off the kibbutz for it!

Yoga or Kata Box? Yoga

If you had to study what would you study? I always wanted to be an archeologist, if I had the time and the money I would go back and study.

Photo Challenge – Friendship

This weeks challenge from Female2Female is a to post a picture of friendship.

Im often the one behind the camera and in fact am very camera shy.

The photo I picked is from my wedding, its Paul and me and our retinue just after the ceremony , the retinue was made up of friends and family and the funny thing is the ‘family’ are also friends and the ‘friends’ are also family, thats the only way I would have it.

Blog Challenge – Pass it on

Todays challenge from Female2Female is a meme…

  1. If you could give the world one piece of advice, what would it be?  Smile, before anything smile, people cant help but smile back.
  2. If you could have a room full of any one thing, what would it be? Chocolate.
  3. What do you value most in other people? Honesty.
  4. If you could only see black and white except for one color, what color would it be? Red.
  5. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? My temper, I would like to be able to keep a leash on it.
  6. If you could choose one of your personality traits to pass on to your children, what would it be? Integrity.
  7. What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? Singing, I wish I could sing.
  8. Would you rather teach a young child to read or have to learn again for yourself? Teach a child.
  9. What is the best advice you’ve ever given and received? Given? Be true to yourself. Received? Be true to yourself.
  10. How would you like to die? In my sleep.

I tag anyone who is reading this 🙂

Blog Challenge – Your Earliest Memory

Oh boy, I actually have very few early memories.

The one that I do remember is the day my mom locked herself out the house.

I must have been younger than 7 because I don’t think either of my brothers had been born yet.

I must have been older than 2 because I was sleeping in a bed.*

I was having my afternoon nap and the next thing I remember I was woken up by my mom knocking on my bedroom window.

She had locked herself in the garden (having a smoke Im sure) and couldn’t get back inside.

I remember her telling me to stand on the overturned dustbin and to reach for the door handle (she had closed the door when I fell asleep).

I remember climbing onto the plastic dustbin and the dustbin kept collapsing under me.  It probably wouldnt have helped if it didn’t collapse, I was too short to reach the handle anyway!

*Edited to add: My mom confirmed that I was 2 at the time.  Also she said that I didn’t manage to open the bedroom door and subsequently she was locked out until the maid arrived to let her in.

Blog Challenge – 10 Things…

Laura at Female2Female has challenged us to blog 10 things.  Any 10 things…

Im choosing 10 random thoughts from the last few days…

  • I love peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate from Mooz Brothers on the kosher strip off George Avenue .
  • Aaron is developing a really great sense of humour, he makes me laugh.
  • The worst part of having a cold is the fact that I cant breathe through my nose.
  • I have finally diagnosed the ache in my jaw, Im going to the dentist on Monday to have a bite plate made.
  • I hate, Hate, HATE the dentist.
  • With a passion!
  • I am more in love with my husband now than ever before.
  • Im really going to miss my brother in law and my ‘almost’ sister in law when they bugger off to Cape Town next month, to live.
  • I have a school going kid, play school but still, he goes to school, where is my baby?
  • I really need to join a library, I read far t quickly to keep buying books.

Random Meme F2F Blog Challenge

Today’s Female2Female Blog Challenge:

If I could finish this Gd damn report I would be the happiest person alive!

In my kitchen cupboard I have cake baking stuffs.

On my desk I have a huge mess, but I need to finish that report before I clean it all up.

Image in my head acidicice’s sweet sweet Eli.

In the middle of my to do list book a service for my car.

I am dreading Friday morning.

Right now I want to be finished this bloody report!

I think I am not going to finish it today.

Going to have sushi for lunch with the girls!

Blog Challenge – Why my city is better than yours!

Once again Laura has given us an exciting challenge.

I *heart* Jozi!

I really really do.  I could think of no other place in South Africa that I would rather live.

Why you ask?


  • The BEST weather (not the last week or so, just ignore that).
  • Almost my entire family lives in Jozi.
  • December in Jozi is the best, no crowd, no traffic, no queues anywhere.
  • We know how to drive.
  • Hokkaido Sushi in Norwood.
  • Highveld thunderstorms.
  • I have met so many wonderful people that all hale from Jozi.
  • The ‘You make Joburg Great‘ campaign!  It just says it all.

Yellow Challenge

Laura posted a photo challenge on Female2Female, I immediately thought of this picture:

I took this in the Drakensberg last September, I had just discovered that my little Canon PowerShot SX100 IS has a Macro feature!

Im so chuffed by Female2Female challenges that I am going to create a category for them too.