Blog Challenge – 10 Things…

Laura at Female2Female has challenged us to blog 10 things.  Any 10 things…

Im choosing 10 random thoughts from the last few days…

  • I love peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate from Mooz Brothers on the kosher strip off George Avenue .
  • Aaron is developing a really great sense of humour, he makes me laugh.
  • The worst part of having a cold is the fact that I cant breathe through my nose.
  • I have finally diagnosed the ache in my jaw, Im going to the dentist on Monday to have a bite plate made.
  • I hate, Hate, HATE the dentist.
  • With a passion!
  • I am more in love with my husband now than ever before.
  • Im really going to miss my brother in law and my ‘almost’ sister in law when they bugger off to Cape Town next month, to live.
  • I have a school going kid, play school but still, he goes to school, where is my baby?
  • I really need to join a library, I read far t quickly to keep buying books.

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  1. My advice on the book thing (because our libraries are not great ), find a stokvel type Bookclub and join. Works so well. Or start one. Pop me a line if you want to know how it works.

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