Skin – day 32

A quick update following my last journal on day 28…

My skin is so much worse. I feel like burying myself in my duvet and not coming out. Left a message for the dr on Thursday and she never called me back. I will call again on Tuesday. Something has to change!


Skin – day 28

Day: 28

Dosage: 20mg per day

Skin issues: Redness on the sides of my nose, I have a new cyst on the left side of my nose (actually 2 cysts, one slightly smaller than the other but it looks like only one), this time the cyst is completely blind, meaning that there is no head and no chance of it draining which makes it that much more painful than the others.  Its also quite close to my eye and the swelling is a bit uncomfortable.


Side effects: My lips are quite dry.  An unexpected side effect, and not wholly unwelcome, is a marked increase in hair loss, I have noticed a more than average loss, especially when I wash my hair.  The fact that my hair is so thick makes this side effect a small bonus 🙂

Improvement: None that I can see.

Skin – Day 17

Day: 17

Dosage: 20mg per day

Skin issues: Redness on the sides of my nose, small (almost gone) cyst on upper lip

Side effects: My skin is slightly dryer than normal but winter is on its way and Im not sure if its weather or meds causing the dryness.  My lips are dry as well, but again, they get like this when winter approaches.  Im using Lansinoh nipple stuff on my lips, best stuff ever!!

Improvement: Far fewer cysts.

Skin – Day 6

So, as many of you know, I have started taking Roaccutane.

I have decided to keep a skin journal and every week or so I will post an update on whats happening, improvements, side effects, even a photo or two…

Day 6

Day: 6

Dosage: 20mg per day

Skin issues: Cysts on either side of my nose (greatly reduced in the last two days), skin under my mouth is ok, small cyst in my right eyebrow, small cyst in my groin.

Side effects: So far the only side effect is that my skin got ‘worse’ on about day 4 (I wish I had thought to take a photo of day 4, you would not believe the difference between then and now!), I developed three cysts, one on the left of my nose and two on the right side of my nose.  Bloody painful but they didnt last as long as usual.  They developed heads within two days (usually takes up to a week) and drained yesterday evening.  Im still red and sore but not as swollen.  P.s. Getting ‘worse’ is par for the course with Roaccutane, they say it takes up to two weeks for the ‘worse’ part to subside…

Improvement: Only that the cysts cleared faster than normal.