Skin – Day 17

Day: 17

Dosage: 20mg per day

Skin issues: Redness on the sides of my nose, small (almost gone) cyst on upper lip

Side effects: My skin is slightly dryer than normal but winter is on its way and Im not sure if its weather or meds causing the dryness.  My lips are dry as well, but again, they get like this when winter approaches.  Im using Lansinoh nipple stuff on my lips, best stuff ever!!

Improvement: Far fewer cysts.

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  1. Hey, how’s it going on the meds? I started taking again on Monday. I was on them about 6 years ago for acne and they worked so well! Unfortunately, as my derm says, some women tend to get adult acne in their late twenties and I sadly was one of them 🙁 So I’m back on it and hoping it’s going to work as well as before. I’m only on 20mg every 3rd day, so it’s a lower dosage than normal. Derm says I shouldn’t have as bad side effects as I did before on the full dosage which will be great because I’m not looking forward to dry skin and eyes again, and especially not the whole ‘gets worse before it gets better’ thing.

    Anyways, hope it is going well for you! Will keep checking your blog for updates 🙂

    Monique 🙂

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