Day 10: 1 confession

Im doing a 10 day meme!

I tell myself stories in order to fall asleep.

They are usually Mills & Boon-ish type romance stories.

The hero, the heroine, I imagine the setting, what the characters are wearing, how they speak, where they are.

I usually fall asleep before anything interesting happens, which is probably why I can never put pen to paper and write a story out.

Part of this confession is that I would really really like to be able to put pen to paper and write out the stories in my head.


Day 07: 4 things that turn you off

Im doing a 10 day meme!

1. Picking your nose/scabs/zits in public. Gross! Dont do it!

2. Crotch adjusting. Seriously guys, I promise, it didnt fall off somewhere down the road, its still there, really really.

3. Being nasty about someone/something.  Dont gossip.

4. Me. Me. Me. Blah blah blah blah. Me. Show some interest in the person you are talking WITH.

Day 05: 6 things you wish you’d never done

Im doing a 10 day meme!

1. I wish I never gave up on finishing my degree.

2. I wish I never had that last strow rum at the office Christmas party (dont ask!)

3. I wish I never lost my virginity the way I did.

4. I wish I never ate the last Choc-kit biscuit at work… I know I will want one tomorrow.

5. I wish I never got the ‘new’ freezer.  It already doesnt work properly 🙁

6. I wish I never agreed to give our nanny 3 weeks off this December… guaranteed theSQL will arrive when she isnt here!

Day 03: 8 ways to win your heart

Im doing a 10 day meme!

1. Be kind, not only to me but to others.

2. Talk to me not at me.

3. Flowers.  I secretly adore flowers.

4. Treat my pets nicely.  They have feelings too.

5. Be honest.

6. Laugh at my jokes.  Yes my sense of humour is warped, laugh anyway.

7. Accept me for who I am.

8. Smile.  I love a person who smiles.

Day 02: 9 things about yourself

Im doing a 10 day meme!

1. Im short! I say 5 foot but really Im just under that.

2. I never finished my degree and its something I regret all the time.

3. I love being pregnant.  Paul says this baby is our last one but I would like to be pregnant again.  Im going to convince him to let me be a surrogate.

4. Sometimes I wish I lived in the wilderness, away from all the drama of the extended family.

5. I love my job.  Mainly because it is stress free and easy and round the corner from home.

6. I let Aaron watch way too much TV.

7. I cannot wait for this baby to be born.  As much as I love being pregnant I am tired now.  Another two weeks and she has my permission to come out.

8. I miss my dad.  I wish he was still with us.

9. I cant wait to give Aaron his present from the baby, its a Fisher Price kids digital camera, he is going to do his nut when he sees it!

Day 01: 10 things you want to say to ten different people right now

Im doing a 10 day meme!

In no particular order of importance…

1. B, Please stop talking to me with your mouth full! You are a mother and grandmother, you should know better, I shudder to think of your kids and grandkids manners if you are their example!

2. D, You are THE most irritating specimen of humanity I have ever come across! Stop staring at me when you walk past my desk, it annoys the fuck out of me.

3. K, How do you manage to survive on a daily basis, I have never met anyone who lacks common sense more than you.  Think before you open your mouth!

4. H, I love you!  I really do.  But I wish you would treat everyone the same.  The blatant favouritism really hurts me.

5. M, you will survive this.  Be strong!  We love you!!

6. P, I love you more than life itself!!! Always!!

7. KH, get a life!

8. C, learn to give a little, it goes a long way.

9. L, learn to give a little, it goes a long way.

10. N, Fuck off!