Day 02: 9 things about yourself

Im doing a 10 day meme!

1. Im short! I say 5 foot but really Im just under that.

2. I never finished my degree and its something I regret all the time.

3. I love being pregnant.  Paul says this baby is our last one but I would like to be pregnant again.  Im going to convince him to let me be a surrogate.

4. Sometimes I wish I lived in the wilderness, away from all the drama of the extended family.

5. I love my job.  Mainly because it is stress free and easy and round the corner from home.

6. I let Aaron watch way too much TV.

7. I cannot wait for this baby to be born.  As much as I love being pregnant I am tired now.  Another two weeks and she has my permission to come out.

8. I miss my dad.  I wish he was still with us.

9. I cant wait to give Aaron his present from the baby, its a Fisher Price kids digital camera, he is going to do his nut when he sees it!

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  1. I reach a point, a couple of times a year usually, where I wish I lived close enough to my family to make road trips for special occasions, but far enough away that asking me favours is out of the question.

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