Random facts are me :)

I was given an award by Tanya over at Dear Max (check out their spiffy new home on the web!)

So I have to tell you 7 random facts about me and then tag 15 bloggers to do the same.

Here goes!

  1. I hate painting my finger nails but love having my toe nails painted.
  2. I could speak in full sentences (no baby talk) by the time I was 1 year old.
  3. I have a very short temper but a very short memory too, once its over its over, I move on.
  4. I cant sleep with my feet out the blankets, they have to be tucked in.
  5. I always wanted to own a book store with a fire place reading nook, just so I could curl up with any book I liked and read all day.
  6. I wish I was tall.
  7. If I could have a 2 hour nap every single day I would be the happiest person ever.

And the 15 bloggers are:

  1. acidicice
  2. Because I Can
  3. Cinderella Trippin’
  4. Everything In Between
  5. Getting By
  6. Her Royal Cuteness
  7. I am Tamiya
  8. Jessica Giggles
  9. Keeping up with the Walkers
  10. Kambabe’s Thoughts
  11. Love.Cybelle
  12. Lovely Light
  13. Mandi Made It
  14. Mom’s Meanderings
  15. Roro’s Rantings


Someone thinks I am worthy :)

I got a wonderful surprise today.  Another blog award.

The rules are as follows, acknowledge the blogger who gave it to me, tell you 7 things about myself you may not know and then pass the award on to 10 blogs you have recently discovered and found to be deserving.

So, I received the award from MeeA, a fantastic blogger, mama and all round great gal!

7 random, previously unknown things about me:

  1. I used to smoke
  2. I gave up smoking almost 10 years ago, cold turkey
  3. I lived in Israel on a kibbutz for almost a year
  4. I have very low blood pressure, nurses always think Im about to hit the floor when they take my BP, but for me thats normal
  5. I am more than happy to hibernate at home, with my husband, a cup of tea and the TV rather than go out
  6. I still miss my dad everyday, there are times when I reach for the phone to tell him something only to realise he has been gone for 9 years
  7. I never finished university and it is one of my biggest regrets

Now, 10 (ok 9, sue me) deserving bloggers:

  1. Caz – She is an inspiration
  2. Bananaramagirl – I love following her pregnancy and cant wait to ‘meet’ #babynana
  3. Meli – I ‘met’ Meli online when I was pregnant with Aaron and just discovered her blog
  4. Jessica – Funny and honest and I love her pink shoes banner!
  5. Richard – He doesnt blog much *wags finger and tut tuts* but when he does he is brilliantly honest and funny
  6. Gossip Guy – The only place to get schleb news hot off the presses
  7. Exmi – not a new find but consistently honest and oh so funny
  8. Wenchy – Again, not a new find but she is kind, honest, proper and she makes me want to hug her
  9. Jenty – Again, again, not a new find but I love her anecdotal post about her boys, they make me look forward to when Aaron is a bit bigger and he will be saying the smart and sassy things her kids say

My very first blog award :)

Wow, I am blown away.  Yesterday I was going through my reader when I saw that Wenchy had given me a Beautiful Blogger award.  My very first award ever!  Thank you dear Wenchy.

So, there are rules that go along with this award. The rules are that I have to tell you 7 interesting things about myself and then pass it along to 7 other beautiful bloggers.

Here goes:

  1. I hate the feel of wet hair, especially my own and especially of it is no longer attached to my head.  It makes me gag and has been known to make me vom on occasion.
  2. I love to sing.  I sing badly.  Sorry for you!
  3. I have been drinking Bells whiskey since before I can remember.  My grandfather used to put a splash in my bottle when I was a baby.  I slept really really well.
  4. I enjoy a good cigar on occasion.
  5. I love losing myself in a romance novel, be it contemporary, paranormal, time-travel, historical, futuristic, main stream or self published.  Its the end that I love the most, the absolute triumph of love that I enjoy.
  6. I am the least romantic person ever!  Despite the point above.  I don’t remember special dates, I always leave present buying to the last minute, I have even forgotten to wish Paul a happy anniversary once.  I pull faces and make gagging noises when a couple on TV get lovey dovey (if its not a romantic movie – and sometimes even then).
  7. I wanted to play the harp as a child but in order to do that I had to play piano and I hated every minute of it.  I don’t play the harp and that makes me sad.

And the 7 bloggers I’m passing the award onto are:

Exmi – cause she is an amazing, funny, beautiful mama.

Boobahsmom – I’ve only met you face to face once but you left such an impression and I love your laugh.

Bananaramagirl – your honesty and heartfelt words touch me.

Caz – I’ve only just ‘met’ you online but your strength is inspiring to me!

Jenty – you manage to find beauty everyday through your lens and for that I am grateful.

MeeA – 4 beautiful kids, need I say more.

Tertia – She is so inspiring in her honesty and in her ability to share not only good things but the difficult things too.