Someone thinks I am worthy :)

I got a wonderful surprise today.  Another blog award.

The rules are as follows, acknowledge the blogger who gave it to me, tell you 7 things about myself you may not know and then pass the award on to 10 blogs you have recently discovered and found to be deserving.

So, I received the award from MeeA, a fantastic blogger, mama and all round great gal!

7 random, previously unknown things about me:

  1. I used to smoke
  2. I gave up smoking almost 10 years ago, cold turkey
  3. I lived in Israel on a kibbutz for almost a year
  4. I have very low blood pressure, nurses always think Im about to hit the floor when they take my BP, but for me thats normal
  5. I am more than happy to hibernate at home, with my husband, a cup of tea and the TV rather than go out
  6. I still miss my dad everyday, there are times when I reach for the phone to tell him something only to realise he has been gone for 9 years
  7. I never finished university and it is one of my biggest regrets

Now, 10 (ok 9, sue me) deserving bloggers:

  1. Caz – She is an inspiration
  2. Bananaramagirl – I love following her pregnancy and cant wait to ‘meet’ #babynana
  3. Meli – I ‘met’ Meli online when I was pregnant with Aaron and just discovered her blog
  4. Jessica – Funny and honest and I love her pink shoes banner!
  5. Richard – He doesnt blog much *wags finger and tut tuts* but when he does he is brilliantly honest and funny
  6. Gossip Guy – The only place to get schleb news hot off the presses
  7. Exmi – not a new find but consistently honest and oh so funny
  8. Wenchy – Again, not a new find but she is kind, honest, proper and she makes me want to hug her
  9. Jenty – Again, again, not a new find but I love her anecdotal post about her boys, they make me look forward to when Aaron is a bit bigger and he will be saying the smart and sassy things her kids say

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  1. Oh I know that blood pressure thing – a while ago I had a throat infection – my GP could not believe I was standing and driving, and she knows it is often very low. No wonder I was feeling a bit crappy. It did come in handy though with my pregnanacies when it stayed low and did not rock high as expected.

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